What seemed like something I would never have been able to do has now been accomplished. This was the hardest milestone yet T.J. has been keeping his diaper dry for days. We moved to big boy undies that I got from H&M.

T.J. has not been eager to use his potty and yes he is three years old. As you can imagine because of his age I got a lot of criticism and stares and hints about him being potty trained. I believe that children know what they want they are just little adults. Do you like being forced to do something? Even Jesus knows we are not people to be forced that is why even he gives us a choice.I introduced the concept to him but when he got ready he told me he had to use the potty and I don’t have to remind him to go or to empty his potty seat into the toilet he does it himself.

 “They will do when they are ready”
I put a huge amount of pressure on myself and my child trying to get him to potty train but when I thought about his personality it takes him longer to adjust to situations so it was only natural I had to wait until he was ready. My advice is that every child is a human with different styles of learning, so they have to be taught differently as well as every child’s milestone will come at a different age. If it is taking longer than usual for your child to potty train its OK but if you feel there is a real issue contact your doctor.
We are going to try to take him to church in his undies wish us luck and for those in the potty training stage be patient your child will gets through this.

Tips to remember

  1. Patience-Remember that your children are not robots. It will take time for them to understand their own bodies.
  2. Understanding-This is a new milestone help them ease into it.
  3. Get advice- Turn to mommy groups, friends, family to find out what could work but know some things will work while other things will not.
  4. Don’t compare- So your friend’s son was potty trained at 1 and your 3 year old is still in diapers. While you will feel pressure remember that you child is an individual and will not be like everyone else.
  5. Don’t get discouraged- When you hear about other kids being potty trained and people are telling you there could be something wrong with your child and others are saying they could do it better than you, yes you will feel discouraged but know that he won’t be in diapers forever.
Was it difficult for you to potty train your child? What steps did you take. Share in the comments.

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