The title alone is something to think about.
How to Pick up a Stripper and other Acts of Kindness
Todd and Erin Stevens a married couple from Friendship Community Church witnessed in strip clubs by serving home cooked meals and gift bags to show that God loves them.
When I take action to help someone deal with a struggle or hurt, I am meeting a need. Kindness is different because it helps someone who may not be dealing with any sort of crisis. Kindness is simply doing something that benefits someone else” 
I always had the type of spirit to help those in need. What I love about this book is that it showed me how to show love to everybody. I use to only search for the homeless, or the orphaned but when you show an act of kindness it is to anyone and everyone is worth showing God’s love to. Todd and Erin Steven takes us on their journey to do something that doesn’t fit in the realm of church, going into a strip club and ministering. I can only imagine the no’s they received about doing this but they understood the call on their lives. This book has shown me that regardless of what other people think always walk in God’s direction and from doing that these women turned their lives around. This touched my heart the most because I almost became an exotic dancer but meeting my now husband and my encounter with God changed all of that.
I would recommend this book to all ages and different levels of faith because it brings you back to God’s true character. This book can be used for Bible study for evangelism and having an effective evangelism ministry and I love the thought provoking questions at the end.
The only thing I would have liked to see is more elaboration on the “other acts of kindness” because not everyone will be able to minister at a strip club.
This book will bring you closer to helping others by sharing God’s love.

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