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I Almost Became An Exotic Dancer

Bills, Bills, and more Bills, my grandmother died and I was sick of paying for my rent with student loans. Being a work-study student was not cutting the credit card debt that I put myself in (don’t charge socks on a credit card) but when credit card companies see that you are 21 it is music to their ears and they don’t care about how you are going to pay them back.

                                            “I was stuck and needed a way out”

I needed a way out and fast. While studying at Binghamton University on Vestal Parkway was the restaurant Hooters and with my body I could start here get comfortable with having little to no clothes and move up to become an exotic dancer. At the time I met my now husband we were not even dating but just speaking over the phone we were getting to know one another. As we were talking one day I brought up the fact that I wanted to work at Hooters and he said something to me that sat in my spirit and that was you are better than that.

                                                    “You are better than that”

It was then I went back to how my grandmother would encourage me and not let me settle for less when I brought home a questionable boyfriend after she met him she would say “You can do better than that”
I said God this has to be you guiding me and letting me know you have something for me and if I become an exotic dancer I would not be able to receive the gift that God has in store for me.

                                                “God’s GIFT VS Exotic Dancing?”

Because I chose God’s gift I received an abundance of love, joy and peace and I know that they life of an exotic dancer would make me miserable and unhappy, unfulfilled and unsatisfied.
If you are reading this know that you don’t have to go down this route or any route that will stumble your walk with Christ. If he care are the ravens know that he will provide all of your needs not all your wants (big difference). I leave you with this prayer:

Lord, in the name of Jesus I pray for every stronghold, every weakness, every stumbling block will be under your submission. I pray that if there is someone who is thinking of walking contrary to the word of God they will see who they really are. They are a child of the King, they are loved, they are beautiful. Lord we cast down every thought that seeks to harm or injure you. Lord, we thank you for your love and provisions. In Jesus Name Amen.


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