As a stay at home mom I can no longer spend $150.00 to always get my hair done so you learn to get crafty. I know how to make my own earrings so I only saw fit that I try a long lasting protective style for my hair. As I did my research, I came across crochet braids.



I never though I would never do my own hair but this process was easier than I expected and I love the results!

What I did

  1. I used 3 packs of Noir Marley Braid in 1B which was $4.99 per pack.
  2. I used a Latch Hook Needle
  3. I cornrowed my hair straight back about 10 braids 

What I would do differently?

Instead of going straight back I would do ear to ear braid pattern in the back to avoid so much hair for the curlier hair styles.
I hope that this post inspired you to try out crochet braids for your next protective style. I am in love with my results!
Share a picture with me of your crochet braids I will post them up.