In honor of breast cancer month I would like to take the opportunity to celebrate those who have survived.

                                                            Breast Cancer Survivor 

This is the story of Christina Torres her mother was diagnosed with Cancer in 2009. Her 
story is inspiring and I hope it will help you spread the message about breast cancer. 

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer on December 2009. She was 84 yrs old when she was diagnosed. I remember being in the room with her when they were doing the tests. I ran out crying because I didn’t want her to see me. A woman that worked there saw me and took me into her office. She gave me a cancer awareness pin and told me this is not the end. Its the beginning. There is always hope. Many have beaten this and my mom will also. I left there to join my mom. 
   Then in January she was operated and in March she began chemo and radiation. Travels took a toll on us because we had little to no money but there are so many wonderful organizations that help with the cost of travel that I felt blessed. 
   Chemotherapy and radiation are really hard on the body they made her feel sick and weak but never once did I see her complain. She saw others going through the same thing. She formed a bond with others who are going through the same thing. I admire my mother she is such a strong woman.
   Two years after chemo and my mother is cancer free. We went to an appointment for a mammogram where they had first diagnosed the cancer and I ran into the same woman that took me into her office when I was crying. She gave my mother and I a big hug and cried with us with joy to see my mother doing well. She told me I have something to show you follow me. She took me to a small file room filled with pink folders. With a big smile on her face she said you see all these pink folders? These are all cancer survivors and your mother is part of them. I began to cry again but this time with joy. I have never forgotten that room because each folder signified a person who has beaten this. 

I was truly inspired by that story on October 17th my cousin died from cancer so this story was truly remarkable in knowing that people do survive from cancer. May God continue to bless you and your mom. Thank you Christina for sharing your story!

Do you know of any cancer survivors? Are you a cancer survivor?