It’s easy finding time to spend with your husband when you have no kids. The hard part comes when you have a child let alone two of them. We are grateful to have these blessed angels but there are time when you can’t get a babysitter and you haven’t spent time with one another. Here are some tips:
1. Netflix/GBox– Me and my husband loved going to the movies so we make use of Netflix. We also have something called GBox where you get all of the latest movies for free.
2. Rearrange-Before kids we went out whenever we wanted but now we have to create the calendar we know that every Thursday is out movie night and we do Bible study on Tuesday evenings.
3. Don’t get frustrated-It can become overwhelming when you are trying to spend time with each other and your kids take that spot but realize like all things this phase shall pass and in no time the house will be empty again.
4. Get a babysitter– You do need to get out as a couple so if its just once a month make sure you two get out and about even if its for only an hour.
5. Share your space– Let’s face it your life will never be like it was so why not share your space?Have family days at the mall, zoo or restaurant.
While nothing is written in stone, I just wanted to share some of my tips on spending time with your husband.
Wives, I would love to hear your ideas. Share them in the comment box below.