Not many women think that modesty is the best thing but this post by @Deborah HeartofWorship Johnson ( Facebook) says that modesty is hit here’s why.

1) “Some trends you shouldn’t adopt as a Christian woman, no matter how popular.”

2) Consider your brothers (and sisters) when you dress; consider if what you have on will cause them to stumble.

3) When picking out what to wear think of the “4 B’s: Bust, Back, Belly & Butt–make sure that your not exposed in these areas.

4) Self- Check questions when it comes to dressing modestly: How do you feel when you put the outfil on (i.e. sexy, seductive, prideful, etc)? How many times do you have to readjust your outfit before leaving? Do you think God approves of the outfit? Do you think God approves of your motive for wearing the outfit? Do you think about how the outfit may affect others (guys & girls)? 

As women of God we should strive to please God in every area of our lives. So if God is Lord over lives, then He is also Lord over how we dress.