Everything doesn’t deserve a response or reaction. Lynette Harris

Don’t allow your job to define you and take you away from the ones you love. Kimberly Johnson

I learned God meant it when he said you’ll never see the righteous forsaken or his seed begging for bread. I’m living proof. Savanie Smith White

Don’t allow the government to label you. Tynese Reynolds

Appreciate the positive relationships in your life and cultivate them!!! Levi Strauss

Make sure the people around you encourage your relationship with Christ. Not only in word but deed. Words are no longer enough, actions are necessary. Camila Lucas

I need to be patient with myself and not be so hard at times. Johanna Auten

That I should not let other people define who and what I am. Alpine Hartsfield

Don’t wait on people’s “approval” for what God told me to do. I “knew” this anyway but God showed me to lean on him even more so by removing certain people and said approval! Oh yes, my Lord makes it very plain. Natasha Mason-Walker

That the greatest freedom is having nothing to prove to man. Live for God and everything else falls into place. Christine South

More living and loving. Less stressing and doubting. Jonathan Barker

Seek answers from God instead of man. Tamara South