Summary of book
After helping his father plant some pumpkin seeds, a boys excited when its time to pick one and turn it into a jack-o-lantern, pleased that God created him just as he created jack-o-lantern.

My happy pumpkin book is about a pumpkin being carved out to show God’s love. The same way that you carve out and clean a pumpkin is the same way that you clean out your life. While I do not celebrate Halloween, I think this was a simple read for a 3 year old to grasp the concept of God’s love. Because I do not celebrate Halloween they could have used the pumpkin for another purpose. The illustrations were very colorful and bright and fun. It was a easy read and not too long where the child would get bored or lose interest.

The design of the book is great and its hard cover so your child can’t rip the pages out of the book. The overall message of the book is that Jesus pick us out, cleans us up and let his light shine through us.