Something or someone hurt you really badly and you think how can this be for my good? The lesson learned from the pain is more valuable than the pain itself. There are several people in the Bible that we can learn from.

Job-God proved to Satan that Job would be faithful even after losing everything
Joseph– Betrayed by his brother and sent to become a slave he saved a whole nation including his family and showed us the true meaning of forgiveness.
Paul-A person who killed Christians is saved by God to win souls here we learn if God can forgive Saul for killing people then we have to forgive as well.
Samson-He lost his gift from God by being seduced by a woman but in his pain and embarrassment he killed more than he ever did with his gift of strength.
Now let me bring this home……
Who would have known that me as an orphan would produce fruit? I had abandonment issues, low self-esteem, suicidal tendencies, anger, resentment, sadness and confusion. My brokenness can help those who are feeling suicidal. My brokenness has taught me a valuable lesson about love. The most broken person in the Bible I can think of is Jesus.
How you ask?
Well, he was betrayed by the very people he created. He was betrayed by his own disciples. But in Christ brokenness is not for you but your brokenness is to heal someone else. Once you overcome your brokenness it becomes your testimony that could save so many lives.
What areas of brokenness in your life can help heal someone else? Let’s hear your thoughts!
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