Summer is here so….
You know what that means bathing suits, picnics, cold lemonade and ice pops.
While I wouldn’t call myself a health nut I am concerned about what my kids put into their bodies.
What better way to ensure my kids get the best frozen treats if I make them myself.


I like to make them mango pureed pops with pineapple I love knowing what my kids are eating and the less chemicals the better.


Now I had popsicle molds before and they didn’t hold up so well but I LOVE the gel like silicone of these ones. The plastic ones can sometimes break as you try to take the frozen popsicle out but I love how all you do is push up and it comes out so easily. There is also a spill proof bottom to help prevent leaking. My 4 year old son loves that feature because he does not like to get messy.

Overall, both myself and my kids really enjoy our homemade popsicles from So Easy Popsicle Maker.

Fresh Baby Mission: The ultimate goal of Fresh Baby is to have our name synonymous with family friendly eating.” says co-founder Cheryl Tallman. Over time Fresh Baby will offer a complete array of products for newborn through school aged children that support parents in developing good eating habits for their children and thereby reduce their children’s risk of obesity.
You can shop and visit FreshBaby at it is also filled with helpful links, recipes, articles and tips!
What are some of your popsicle recipes? Have you made your own popsicles before?
***I received these products in exchange for my honest opinion I was not paid for this review***

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