This is the first time I heard of the Konjac sponge. According to they have 5 unique benefits.

1.Konjac sponges are really, really gentle.
2. They take off your makeup
3.They’ll make your skin a little more radiant
4.They won’t heal acne
5.They’ve got a shelf life.

Not bad for a sponge…
What I liked about it how soft it was after you use it. Personally, my face felt soft but I didn’t see a glow. While it says that it cleanses your face I have a time thinking that my face is clean without soap (something that I have to get use to)

Would I try this again probably and I say probably because it does have some great benefits but like I said I am still in soap mode. 

So.. you think you want to try it out too?

Have you tried it? What did you think?

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