I was chosen as a blogger to review the company Simple Stroller for my trip to Disney World.
About the company
Simple Strollers began in 2012 as a family owned stroller rental company, owned by a family with four children. Our priorities have always been the same; providing a quality stroller rental to ensure your vacation is enjoyable- rather than stressful! Whether you are renting, buying or selling with us we pride ourselves on great customer service throughout our brand. But there are plenty of other brands out there that can provide you with high quality and comfort Travel pushchairs, it just depends on your location as well as the specific needs you wish to have for you stroller.
The process of renting
The process for renting is fairly simple. You go online and click on renting after which you get to find out if the date that you want is available. It comes with a calendar that shows you available dates. They accept Visa, MC, AMEX


My experience
The stroller that I received to review was the City Mini it comes directly to your hotel and you get a text message telling you that your stroller arrived to your hotel. When we arrived in Florida it was 100 degrees they didn’t want to walk that much so this stroller came in handy and they got a lot of sun protection. The stroller folded up very easy just pull the stroller from the middle and it folds in your car. They make renting a stroller very easy. You have to rent for at least 3 days which shouldn’t be a problem for most people anyway. The strollers at Disney are horrible they are plastic and dirty providing little to no comfort for your child and you have to pay $15.00. What I also love about this company is how you can also text them as early as 8am concerning any issues that you have I wanted the stroller for a extra day and I was charged little of nothing for the extra time. When you are finished all you do is leave the stroller at the front desk.
My only problem was with the actual stroller getting your bag into the stroller was difficult there is a bar blocking you from putting it in so I wouldn’t rent this particular stroller again. Thank you +Simple Strollers – Disney World Stroller Rentals, New and Used Stroller Sales for the wonderful service and for making my trip a great one!
If you are traveling to Orlando and need a stroller to rent look no further I highly recommend this company for your stroller needs.
I am a blogger affiliate you can use this link to rent, buy or sell here
***I was given this stroller in exchange for my honest opinion****

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