Nobody likes to wait. We live in a I want it now society. We have microwaves, McDonalds but things that come fast are not always the best. In our time God is telling us to go against the grain and it’s not easy to wait but our father is teaching us to do just that.

I look at my 4 year old son he wants things now. I hold off on giving him what he wants to help him understand that he won’t get everything when he wants it and it produces patience don’t you think our father is giving us the same lesson?

It’s easy to feel stuck during your waiting process but let’s look at a woman giving birth she has to wait for different stages to happen but during each stage while she is waiting to see arms, legs and its gender that baby is growing. God is shifting things in place while you are waiting.

What happens if you eat fruit before its time? It is sour…

If you reap before its time you could miss out on the complete plan that God has in store for you”

Your waiting period is a growth process. So wait because your blessing is on its way!!!!!

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