Jurassic Park? When my husband heard of Field Station Dinosaurs I was nervous for the kids but          they loved every bit of being an explorer.

As you walk in you are considered an explorer….

T.J was excited and ready to go…….




Types of dinosaurs:
Activities include- **Fossils Up Close***
You get to dig up your own fossils

This is where they had story time…..
Feeding Frenzy Tahlia got to touch the baby dinosaur
More story time……
Digging fossils…….
                    Price and location
                    Secaucus, NJ
                    Children over 2 and adults $17.50 you can visit the website here
The park is not very big so you could get to see the whole park if you go early enough. What I liked about the park was that your kids can learn so much from being there they get to do story time and a whole bunch of activities. This park definitely caters to toddlers and school aged kids.
Its a fun place to go so check it out with your kids. Is this someplace to go every year? In my opinion the answer is no. As I stated before, the park is not that big we completed it in very little time. There were also issues with the schedule we went to one location for a scheduled event but it was changed to something else. The great thing is that you can bring your own food and eat at the picnic tables.If you forget your stroller you can rent for $5.00 which is good because unless you have a stroller for terrain like a jogger it would be hard to navigate.  Also, they close the food and drinks before the park closes we thought that was odd but if you are looking for something different you are more than welcome to go.
Don’t forget to wear sneakers, sun hat there is no shade, drinking water, snacks or food to cut costs, sunscreen and don’t forget to have lots of fun!!!
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