Trip Lee advises us not to be foolish in our youth but to use our youthful days to stand up for Christ.

“There’s no in-between phase where we just exist in a youth, college or young singles ministry. You’re a real human being, a real follower of Christ a real world changer right now”.
Trip Lee appeals to both young and old that have not started their Christian journey. He even answers the is the life of a Christian boring? He states that becoming a Christian does mean you’ll have to deny yourself some things that seem enjoyable in the moment.
Lee touches on many different stumbling blocks as a Christian, ones in which this generation will understand he even talks about social media and how we as Christians we can become so focused on likes we don’t post about truth. Another topic which resonated with me is with where do you draw the line what if what you want to do is not directly mentioned in the bible?
I recommend this book to youth that are struggling to find their place and their way with God. God is not limited to the four walls of your church but God is in your heart he is with you before you get to church and when you leave church but what happens is that youth only think of God as being in a church. I also believe that parents of young adults should also read this book to get an idea of the possible things that their child is going through concerning church.


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