This is last week for National Breastfeeding and its Black Breastfeeding Week and as a breastfeeding mom I couldn’t let this week go by without acknowledging being a breastfeeding mom.
In honor of breastfeeding month, I reviewing the pop mama by +Fresh Baby LLC
Pop Mama
You pump your breastmilk and feed your child a frozen breastmilk pop. I see this as a way to introduce a nice cold treat and as a remedy to soothe those gums.
Reusable Water Bottle
16 oz reusable, attachable, foldable, freezable and write on bottle. I love this bottle when you are done you just fold it up in your purse or bag. I also love that this bottle is BPA and Lead-Free. If you’re feeding your baby using a bottle, you might want to visit to buy some soap specifically designed for cleaning baby bottles. After all, you only want the best for your baby!
Mama Jewel
Breastfeeding reminder this product helps to remind you to breastfeed evenly. After every feeding put in on the side where you finished nursing.
During my time as a breastfeeding mom I didn’t have a problem with producing milk but I made sure that I ate lots of fruits, vegetables, protein shakes, carrot juice, soup and vitamins. The realness of breastfeeding is that it can be exhausting especially in the beginning of your child’s birth because you are feeding around the clock but it gets better. I breastfed my four year old and I am still breastfeeding my two year old. I loved knowing that I was giving my child the best that I could give. For more breastfeeding tips, head to
The benefits of breastfeeding are amazing
-bonding time
-helps mom lost weight
-helps baby brain development
-heal faster postpartum
-save money on store milk
-build healthy immune system for baby
-less risk of baby being obese
-constant feeding
-Lack of sleep
-Leaking milk
-nipple soreness and bleeding
-negative criticism
What has been your experience breastfeeding?Here are some helpful links: Milk Storage Tips Breastfeeding Tips #celebratebreastfeeding

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