I got the opportunity to sit and talk to Mrs. Cora Jakes Coleman she has a new book entitled “Faithing It”

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce Mrs. Cora Jakes Coleman

STN: Tell us about yourself.
Cora Jakes Coleman: Well.. I am Cora Jakes Coleman the daughter of Bishop and First Lady Jakes…I am a sister, a wife, a mother, a minister, and a life speaker. It is my passion to speak life to the hurting and infertile people. I enjoy laughing and making people laugh. When I am not speaking life and bringing purpose back to life I am cooking and when I am not cooking I am watching Netflix shows with my husband so that’s me.
STN: Why are you so passionate about talking about infertility?
Cora Jakes Coleman: At the age of 22, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Different cysts develop on my ovaries unlike some women my cysts don’t go away and it makes it difficult for you to conceive without fertility treatment or different treatments. At the time because I have been dreaming about being a mom since I was a little girl it was very difficult for me to comprehend that it was going to be a hard fight to conceive. I was searching for different support groups that could help me for my age bracket but I was not able to find anything, the Lord told me I would be the spearhead for our generation to talk about infertility. It began as women conceiving or having a hard time to conceive but when I began to look at the true definition of infertility it meant not being able to produce a thing. We as people because of our fear of success and failure we allow ourselves to lay dormant in purpose and not be able to produce what God has for us to produce. I speak fertility faith whereby we understand that through faith we are able to speak life and be able to produce by the power that is inside of us. That’s my movement and my heart because I understand that we as people we hurt and always looking for an answer. Faith be our fight and faith be our reward. You can heal while you are hurting and while you are fighting still be effective.
STN: You have a recently published book can you tell us what the book is about and where we can purchase it?
Cora Jakes Coleman: The name of my book is called “Faithing It”. My book is about bringing purpose back to your life. We struggle with what purpose means, we struggle with how to obtain purpose when you are fighting the storms of life. Understand that God is bigger than any storm that you can face or go through and how to use your faith as an advantage and benefit for you to be able to overcome the obstacles of life and call peace to the storm of life. “Faithing It” is not a self-help book but rather a self-encouragement book for anyone who has ever wanted something bad enough but didn’t know the steps to take to get it. It’s not available for purchase it will be out November 17th it’s available for preorder at Barnes and Noble and at Amazon.
STN: What advice do you want to give other couples going through the same experience?
Cora Jakes Coleman: Do not place blame no one is to blame. This is something that the Lord has caused you to go through for whatever reason to understand. There is a benefit to the storms that we must go through and to hyper focus on the intent behind the intention of the storm and to stay together and to stay close knit and to understand that God knew what you were going to go through before you did. If you are battling infertility the Lord knew that you would battle infertility and he still chose your partner and your spouse to go through that with you. Do not feel blame, regret, or saddened by the storm but to stand together and to fight together. No matter how crazy you sound if God gave you a promise he will perform it that is his word and his word cannot come back void. Stand on that together and watch God do miraculous things. I have seen him do miraculous things in my life in spite of my infertility in spite of my blame, in spite of my shame. God has done miraculous things for me.
STN: What’s next for Cora Jakes Coleman?
Cora Jakes Coleman: I have goals to change the world it is necessary that we begin to show people that its not all glitz and glam. There is a carpentry that happens before the crown, there is a pain that happens before purpose and we don’t have to be angry or bitter towards God about the infertile storms that we go through but send a movement out of faith, a movement out of trust in God’s ability to do a thing and be able to speak for him to do what he has said and watch it form and produce by the power he has placed inside of you. That is what’s next for me to send out a movement across the world, across the nation, across all generations new in between that God is still able and capable and victorious he still has all power in his hands even if it seems like your going through a powerless journey. God still has all power in his hands and if we would just trust and believe in his ability it would change the world for the better.
STN: What would you say to encourage readers right now?
Cora Jakes Coleman: Everything is going to be ok. I know its been tiring, I know that you have been fighting, I know that you have been wondering when will it be my turn when will it be my season. I know that you have been weary in your trust in God. I know that you have been saddened. I know you are desperate for change. I know you are desperate for your promise. I know it’s sad, I know it’s shaky. Life can be burdensome but everything is going to be ok and God has not put more on you than you can bear so I ask that the Lord give you the strength to bear whatever it is he has placed upon you and whatever he has placed upon you that is too heavy for you to carry that you would operate in casting your cares upon the Lord for he is able and willing and wanting you to do so. Keep pressing, keep pushing it’s going to be ok.

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