All I can say is wow. God is so good. 90 minutes in Heaven talks about the story of Don Piper. Don Piper got involved in a tragic accident and then dies and goes to heaven. He comes back not sure why he has returned but his journey of recovery was painful and frustrating to say the least.

I can relate to his feelings of anguish, depression and not letting anyone help. Those feelings of isolation are not from God and I am happy that he realized that being along was not the way to be. While Piper didn’t understand his reason for returning, I believe it was to teach us all a valuable lesson.

“Beyond the depression, I had another problem: I didn’t want anybody to do anything for me. That’s my nature.”

As stated before this was my problem I didn’t understand why my parents were deceased I didn’t want any help from anyone because I felt it was no one problem to help me. But can I tell you that God does everything for a purpose and a reason. This story became his testimony and towards the end he realized he was there to encourage someone else.

I really enjoyed reading this book! It touched home and this book is for you if you have gone through a traumatic experience and your not sure of why you had to go through that or if you are holding on to bitterness concerning what you have gone through. What a inspirational book!

You can purchase this great book here .

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