I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion.What a lovely book! The biggest story tells the book of the Bible in 128 colorful pages. My daughter loves to look at the colors. I must say that this book kept my kids sitting down and my 2 year old daughter would name the colors and I went along. While you want your child to know about the Bible of course they can’t understand it but the way in which he does it overall sketchy at times. For example, the story of creation is a bit skewed he says, “A snake has tricked Adam and Eve and told them a lie about the fruit”.

Of course we know that the snake tempted Eve and them she offered it to Adam.


While I would read this to my toddlers I don’t think this is appropriate for children older than six years old. I feel that at that age they could be reading more of a children bible. I believe this book gives a good layout to what the Bible is about and to explain it to toddlers.



We really enjoyed this book as a family and I recommend others to embark on this wonderful journey. But like I said this book should not replace the Bible.

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