I use to give my son probiotics when he was 6 months old because he would have alot of gassiness so I said to myself why not give it to him as a child.



Benefits of Kidophilus Probiotics are “friendly bacteria” with important health benefits. Zahler’s Kidophilus include Acidophilus an important probiotic which helps colonize the intestines with friendly bacteria, improving immune system function. Kidophilus may also reduce bad breathe and flatulence, support healthy digestion, help relieve temporary constipation, and support healthy intestinal flora.

My experience

I give this to my son once a day and he loves the flavor and I also have a two year old and I give it to her as well. While using it I realize that my son uses the bathroom more it definitely helps with constipation. If you have a child that will not drink this straight you can of course mix it into their juice.

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