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Who doesn’t love chocolate?…..

I’m not gonna lie I was a bit skeptical about using this because I am quite use to my Hershey’s mix but being someone who understands the importance of good health I decided to give this a try.

Product Description

Fine naturals Cocoa powder is made from the very best cocoa beans that can be found on this planet. Of the three existing variations of cocoa, the forastero and a hybrid the two, the trmnitano it is the Criollo, that is the rarest and richest variety. It is non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan friendly.

The benefits of organic cocoa are amazing! According to builtlean.com,

  • Raw chocolate can lower blood pressure and improve circulation
  • Raw chocolate can promote cardiovascular function and health
  • Raw chocolate can neutralize free radicals

My thoughts

Taste- The taste is amazing it is creamy and smooth but what makes this more great is that this is full of antioxidants, magnesium and omega fatty acids. It mixes smooth as I make hot chocolate. There are other things you can make with this cocoa powder for your baking needs. Its unsweetened so I sweeter my hot chocolate with agave or raw brown sugar.

If you want something that is great for your health not loaded with a whole bunch of sugar and tastes like the most richest chocolate go out and buy this cocoa powder.

You can purchase this here