Many people have experienced swelling of the eyelids in the morning. This problem usually disappears within an hour or two. After getting up, you might notice that your lower eyelids have swollen. Sometimes, this issue may only appear on one eye which is more common if a person is sleeping on his side.

However, swelling may also appear due to some general disease or eye condition. In most of the cases, it will be caused by allergy.It’s worth going to an eye doctor to get this checked out. Disease can be local (because of contact sensitivity) or systematic (due to allergic rhinitis). The most common eye diseases, that are causing eyelid swelling, are inflammations and infections of eyelids, mucous membrane of the eye, glands that are present in eyelids, tear system, infection of the tissues around eyeball or it can even happen due to an eye injury. In some rare cases, it may be caused by prolapse of orbital fat tissue. When we are talking about general diseases, it is usually caused by reduced function of thyroid gland, thyroid ophtalmopathy (Grave’s disease) or other states that are keeping liquid within organism. If we are talking about allergies, best way to treat them is if you buy Pataday online.

In order to determine root of the issue, patient first needs to go and perform eye examination, especially if he is suffering from more than one symptom. Mild pain that appears when patient is looking aside is usually caused by eyelid swelling but it can also be a sign of some serious eye illness like cellulitis or optic neuritis. Increased secretion of tears often appears due to dryness or some other problem which is affecting tear system. Anyway, in order to be sure, you will have to visit a doctor.

Doctor can also determine if you need to perform some additional tests or examinations. Here, we are talking about biochemical blood tests as well as urine tests. In some cases, patient will have to examine his thyroid gland because there are many eye issues that are caused by it. Sometimes, this problem may appear as a result of sinus disturbance. In that case, patient will have to visit otolaryngologist. Have in mind that most of the issues are caused by allergies. Because of this, patient will probably have to perform necessary allergy test so that he can determine what kind of allergen is causing the issue.

As previously mentioned, given that most eye issues are caused by allergies and some volatile substances that are present in our midst, Pataday will probably be the drug that you need. This product is used to eliminate symptoms of allergy such as watery, red, swollen or itchy eyes. It is an antihistamine which means that it efficiently reduces allergic reaction. Medicine is used for prevention. So, given that most allergies are chronic, you will have to take it regularly in order to prevent all these unwanted reactions. People who are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, those who wear contact lenses or are allergic to some drugs, need to consult their doctor before administering Pataday.