We are exposed to hundreds of toxins everyday from our water to food to the air we breathe it is important to clean your body through a detox.

Way Good Tea gave me a free sample of the tea to review in exchange for my honest opinion. The very first thing you notice is the cute design of the packaging. It comes in a lavender colored container which you can use to decorate your countertop for a dazzled look. When you open the container you see they are perfectly aligned in the container.

Each container 22 full leaf sachets. Each sachet is individually wrapped so you can drink on the go.


What makes this tea so special? It is a cleanse.

The ingredients include Elderberry which cleans and detoxifies the urinary tract, provides symptom relief associated with the flu and common cold. Juniper Berry which improves digestive system by stimulating enzymes for breaking down foods, and rich in antioxidants that prevent aging in cells, keeping skin looking youthful and healthy. Orange peel which is packed with antioxidants to support skin health and overall wellness and helps relieve blowing upset stomach, and constipation and aids weight loss.

I like the taste of the tea you can tell you are drinking some good stuff. Overall, I recommend this tea for good overall health. If you don’t think about your health then who will?


Have you used WayGood Tea or any other cleansing tea?