I have truly been inspired by this young lady. As the daughter of T.D. Jakes she has been in the limelight her whole life and it would have been easy to hide behind a mask and pretend to have it all together but…..

Her testimony proves that God is real, faithful, loving, and forgiving. I had the honor of interviewing this beautiful young lady and you won’t be disappointed. Her new book called Dear Mary is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


1. Mothers face many unique challenges today. How will Dear Mary help moms to face those challenges head‐on?

One of the most dangerous issues facing modern moms is their commitment to silence. Dear Mary strives to break the barrier of silence by vocalizing some of the common concerns that are unique to motherhood.

2. Even though Mary the mother of Jesus lived some two thousand years ago, what are some lessons she offers to modern‐day mothers?

Mary is a remarkable example of quiet, resilient faith in the face of adversity—from the angel’s first announcement of her pregnancy to the death and resurrection of her Son, she was witness to our Lord and Savior in a special way, and modern‐day moms can learn valuable lessons from her complicated path of motherhood.

3. What gave you the inspiration to write this book?

Facing achievements and challenges with my children gave me the inspiration to write this book. As my daughter began to encounter some of the intricate themes of motherhood like confidence, peer pressure, and self‐esteem, my son began his foray into adolescence. This unique time in parenting made me begin to question myself and see them in a different light.

4. What attracted you to the letter style that we see in each chapter of Dear Mary?
I believe that letters are a classic style of conversation that allows for intimacy with the reader. I wanted readers to feel as though they were witnessing a conversation between two friends.

5. Where can people connect with you online and find out more about your book Dear Mary?

The best way to connect with me is to visit my website, sarahjakesroberts.com. There you can learn more about my journey and Dear Mary.