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Review: Impress Press On Nails

Review of Impress

We all know the story of the press on nail I was a little girl when I put on my first press on nail it was awesome and fun but after a while the glue starts to wear off and the fun is gone.

So now in 2015, we have impress nails they look beautiful in design but this will be a short review because the impress nails did not deliver.


According to the labeling they promise to secure like glue, be waterproof and have a gap free seal. After applying then they lasted a whopping 3 hours the rest were in my bed when I woke up.

The nail glue goes above the nail cuticle so yes, they get stuck to things like hair, they are definitely not waterproof and the glue does not give a strong seal.


Just put these on if you don’t have to do a lot of things with your hands and they may last a whole day. But I love the design of the nails and how light they feel. Overall, try another brand.


 ***I was not paid for this review I received these products for free in exchange for my honest opinion***

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