As a wife, it was much easier for me to get to the spa to get a pedicure but now as a stay at home mom is nearly obsolete.

What happens next? You do your own pedicure.

But let me tell you how unsuccessful that has been. I brought many pumice stones and they didn’t work. I also brought metal scrapers but they scraped my feet really badly. Then I got the opportunity to review the Medca Rechargeable Callous Remover. This was the easiest ten minutes I spend on doing my feet.




-Groundbreaking device takes chores out of smoothing skin on the feet.
-Gently and efficiently buffs away dead, calloused hard and dry skin in seconds.
-Safer and more effective than metal scrapers which use blades to cut the skin
-Easy and fun to use unlike pumice stones that require constant rubbing.


How to use
1.) Wash and clean the skin and dry fully
2.) Make sure rollers grinding head is placed into the unit
3.) Turn on unit
4.) Gently rotate the callous/corn/hard area for 2-3 secs. Do not press hard. Rinse the skin or use a wet towel to remove excess dead particles.

I can’t stress how great this feels on my feet. When I am done, it makes my feel amazing. I recommend you buy this product you can purchase it on Amazon here

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