Hey Fall is that you…….

Summer has left the building as you can see. And as much as we love to rock fly shades, golden skin, and light clothing we must not start to layer up. The transition from summer to fall crept up on us real fast. I step out of my house in weather full of humidity with sweaty edges , then all of a sudden I’m trying to find my warmest sweater or leather jacket. It’s time for fall ladies and gents don’t worry we shall have fun while staying warm. Now we all know we must start with the basics usually the essentials of have a stylish hat to keep your head warm , a good pair of distressed or black jeans, good pair of short boots or tall over the knees, and a nice scarf to keep our necks warm. I always think the smart way to shop for your fall is when the winter is transitioning into spring. The sales go on like crazy because more stores are trying to create space for summer attire. But at the same time if you wait till when fall is just starting get it while you see it . The good stuff always go fast and new trends start to develop. My biggest advice for anyone wanting to feel sexy for the fall is never be scared to play with colors nor patterns. From smokey to full white yes I said it WHITE!! Beautiful burgundy, rust, must yellow, and a bold red you can do it all or more.

Until winter starts really creeping in we shall stay warm with our chunky sweaters. This look was inspired by another fashion blogger Chichi (Supplechic). When it comes to certain colors it’s always good to find colors that compliment your skin tone and helps you understand what works for you. This sweater is considered as a statement piece so you don’t need to do much when it comes to the interior. I have a love for patterns and colors so most of my pieces are colored blocks. To pick up this outfit I added this burgundy hat , some rugged shoes,and burgundy strap bag.

Sweater: ASOS
Top: Forever21
Pants: Charollete Russe
Bag: Justfab


Prints such as flowers have played a major part this summer  and leads into the fall. One of my main comforts will going to school, work, and activities is an easy throw on dress. This dress is a loose fit not causing attention to the stomach especially if you carry weight there. Sometimes the weather fluctuate so on this day it was a bit warm so I threw on some long socks with lace up boots. I top it off with this H&M hat and a bold red lip. The black as a background for the flowers makes this dress not to harsh as a fall attire.


Dress: Forever21
Boots: Necessary Clothing
Hat: H&M
Lip: Sephora lip stainunknown-2

For awhile I’ve been wanting the right fur vest. Something not to expensive but nothing looking to cheap. I love this vest not only for its color but the way it can complete a simple dress or leather jacket. For those days when the weather is in between not to hot nor to cold. I wore this outfit to morning church service but you can also hook this up for an evening day , brunch with the ladies, and a birthday party.

Dress: H&M
Vest: CharlotteRusse
Clutch: Thriftedunknown-3

The style of shorts with tights is always a winning situation. With this look you can layer up with a chunky sweater with some over the knee socks. This look can also transition into spring.

Jacket: Thrifted
Shorts: Old Navy
Boots: JustFab
Bag: JustFab


What are your fall looks?