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Castor Oil Saved Me

How Castor Oil Saved Me

For years me and Brandy were twins we loved braids but after a while braids took its toll on my hair and edges in particular and it’s not a good look when you’re in your twenties with a bald spot.

I started looking up things to buy to help revive my dying edges and I started seeing people on youtube talk about using Castor Oil. Castor Oil has great benefits for hair growth and I was chosen to review this castor oil in exchange for my honest review.

How Castor oil save me-2

Description of product
Deluxe Botanical 100% organic skin, hair, and nails.

Suggested Use
Problematic skin solution
Apply a few drops to cotton ball then to your affected area. Leave it on hair and wash off clearly.

Moisturizer and wrinkle remover
Add a few drops to fingers or cotton balls and massage it well into your skin every night.

Hair growth enhancer
3 to 4 drops of oil massage scalp for 6 months everyday to promote growth.

If you would like to purchase this Castor Oil you can purchase it here

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