5 year old’s can skydive!

My family received complimentary tickets to experience I-FLY in Westchester, NY to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

January 19th, I received a media invitation to try out I-Fly with my family in Yonkers, NY. I always wanted to go skydiving what can you say I am adventurous once I was chosen I was super-excited.I went with my family and I want to tell you that a 5-year-old’s can skydive. I-Fly in Westchester recently opened its doors and with only being 20 minutes from the Bronx I am sure they will attract many visitors.

5 year old's can skydive

The I-Fly building is apart of Ridge Hill in Yonkers, NY you can’t miss the contemporary style building. You can either make your reservations online or you can come right to the facility. When you make your reservations online you sign in with the kiosks they have available.

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There are different packages based on whether you are a beginner or skilled and how many people you are with and how much time you would like so there are many packages to accommodate your needs.

What is the age group?

The great thing about indoor skydiving is that you can skydive from the age of 3-103.

After you register as a first time flyer you have to take a beginners class which is about 10 minutes long where you learn the correct posture and hand signals. After that you are directed to wear your I-Fly suits you are given a helmet, ear plugs, goggles and a flying suit which the instructor tells you is better suited for beginners because it gives you more control.

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You wait in the glass room area and wait your turn to go into the open air my 2-year-old daughter was too young but she still got to wear a helmet and go into the booth to be up close. A 5-year-old can skydive.

The experience

When you first get in the wind  tunnel your body naturally tries to fight but remember RELAX! As you relax you realize you just go with the wind. This process is just like skydiving at 1,000 feet in the air. It is a unique experience that we all enjoyed even our 5-year-old son who get fearful but I cried when I saw my son overcoming his fear.

You get two sessions and on the last session they take you high up to the couple of turns and back down again. Then that’s it your done! You receive a certificate for your flying and you get to purchase cheaper packages to come back.  You can advance to different levels to become pro! They have birthday packages and the more people you bring the cheaper individual costs (hint, hint).

I love how helpful the instructors were who were all real skydivers themselves they explained that the I-Fly experience is more challenging because it’s in a controlled environment. The company itself also works with Make-A-Wish foundation and other charitable organizations. They also do educational school trips as well.

***We family approve this experience*****




We highly recommend that you and your family experience I-Fly. We plan on coming back again when our daughter turns three but know that a 5-year-old can skydive.

If my 5-year-old can do it so can you so what are you waiting for are you going to take the plunge?

For more information about I-Fly you can go here