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Review: Breaking Busy

Review: Breaking Busy

This is the Review:Breaking Busy. She starts off with a humorous story about putting too much on our plates and tells the story when she booked an air plane flight at 6a.m. thinking she could use the extra time to do work. Only to think that she lost her cell phone but instead realized after being frantic that she put it in her bra. Ali Worthington in Breaking Busy tells us how we can do great things for God without being busy.

Review: Breaking Busy

I can identify there were times when I have so much on my plate if my head wasn’t attached I would lose that too! I love her statement,

Wouldn’t life be so easier if we each had a readout that told us, this is your remaining capacity. Your energy reserves are low. Please stop and recharge

Ali gives the analogy of a phone to help us see that we all reach a certain capacity. I know for myself I tend to push myself to the limit just to see how much I can do as Ali said its an adrenaline rush but when the high is over you feel drained, and tired. As much as I loved to do things to be busy I too had to realize when you have a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old and your yelling at them because they want what they clearly can’t do for themselves its time for a change.

Worthington tells you 6 signs that we know if we are too busy.

  1. Inability to control emotions
  2. Lack of self-care
  3. Illness
  4. Chronic lateness
  5. Self-medicating
  6. Neglecting important relationships
  7. Neglecting God

[bctt tweet=”Just like a phone needs to be brought back to charging station we need to get back to God to be recharged.”]

Worthington gives advise on how to live your life not just being busy but in your purpose.

  1. What activities have you loved from childhood?
  2. Discover what you love.
  3. What tugs at your heart?

Through the book she makes profound statements this is another one, The more we worry, give in to fear or think negatively about ourselves, the busier we get. This is so true in my life we become busy trying to feel adequate or thinking of the next big thing when God is like just listen and I will give you your next step.

Worthington even talked about how tradition if done in a bad way can bring unnecessary busyness to our lives. There was this tradition as a Sabbath observer to cook these extravagant meals for Friday night and for church a simple sandwich would not suffice. While this was something in my husband’s family we had to break the tradition because that did not work for our family. I have learned to give boundaries so I won’t feel overwhelmed. I did the stop doing list and from her book learned about an app called Rescue Time where it tracks how you use your time on social media (I’m afraid).

Review: Breaking Busy

I was extremely impressed by how she candidly told us about her life in a humorous and delightful way and she gives you step by step detail on what you can do to lead more of a productive not busy life. I recommend this book to anyone who feels there are not enough hours in a day.

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