Recently, I attended a clothes party and today I will be giving you tips on how to host a clothes party.


So I see a Facebook message that says, I am giving away of tons of clothes and shoes meet me at my house at 6p.m. 

When I saw this message I got excited because I love how this trendy girl dresses.While I had a great time going through her assortment I had an even greater time with the lovely ladies that I met.

We talked

We laughed

We prayed

We ate

We drank

and then got some clothes…..

How to host a clothes party

How to host a clothes party.

The thought never dawned on me to host a clothing party but now I have a whole new idea. Here are some steps to get you started.

  1. Go through your closet
  2. Invite some friends
  3. Have some snacks/drinks
  4. Have a good time

Not only will you be cleaning your closet but you will help other women network with each other. Will you host a clothes swap?

Thank you La’Shay Morris for hosting such a wonderful event.