I had the pleasure of meeting then a beautiful pregnant lady who had the biggest smile ever at a youth concert.  They say first impressions mean a lot and its true because this led me to wanting to know more about this bright, cheerful woman of God. As I looked her up on social media I saw she had a powerful testimony and she also knew my college friend Pastor Melissa Orekoya. I truly believe you will be inspired by her interview and know that as long as you have Jesus by your side the sky is the limit.

1. Introduce yourself?
Hello, my name is Latoya J.  I am the heart behind Ministry of Transparency which is a ministry that uses my story as a bridge to Christ.  I am a wife, mother, called as an evangelist, recording artist, speaker, life coach, and mentor.

2. You have a powerful testimony we thank God for you how are you using your ministry to help others?
Like I mentioned before, my transparency is what God told me was the bridge.  When I lay down my pride and shame to unveil some deep and real issues, God is using it to draw, capture, and redeem many.  Its not just the retelling of the story though, it is the conviction I have of a real God that saved my life.

3. You recently did a conference can you talk about your conference further? What was your mission?

Oh yeah, the triple S conference; Single, Saved and Successful.  This was my first singles conference and it was awesome!  My mission was to reach the single person whether they were the usual unmarried with or without kids to the divorced, widowed, and those caught into alternative living.  I wanted to give them practical skills and equip them to walk their single walk.  All single walks are not the same.  I wanted them to leave the conference  feeling like their singlehood is successful as long as it is submitted to Jesus.

4.What message do you want to convey to our readers?
Id like to convey a message of hope and endurance.  Hope is so that you can keep your head in an upward direction, to where your help comes from and endurance is so that you stay the course of the road less traveled.

5. What’s next for Latoya J?
Well, I’m preaching more than ever, I just love the Word of God.  I am also working on Triple S for next year as well as my “GotMilk” conference for youth and new converts.  In the works is a short film entitled, “Project Retold” which is my life’s story.  I also want to begin writing my first book and finish my debut album, “Cuffed”

6. Where can we find you?
Check me out at Latoya J. Flowers on facebook live daily at 9 pm except Thursdays. My instagram is @iamlatoyaj    My twitter is @LatoyaJ_Iam
My music is on

Thank You
Latoya Boyd-Flowers