3 lessons learned from Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Curry

3 lessons learned from Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Curry

  1. Show Integrity. A while back I wrote an article about a tweet that was written by Mrs. Ayesha Curry stating that now a days women show everything, You can read that article here.
  2. Put God first everything else will follow. Recently, Stephen Curry turned down a Nike deal because they refused to put Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me on their sneakers. Then Under Armour used it on their sneakers and he is doing well. Stand for Christ and he will stand by you. This is why someone like Stephen Curry is an inspiration to many, both on the court and through his personal life too. Basketball has definintely gained a new fan. I can’t wait for this season, when I can eventually start to fill out my ncaa bracket 2019. We need more people like Stephen Curry in this world.


3. Be not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The NBA told Stephen Curry to not talk about his faith but did that stop Stephen Curry no he instead posted this video (below). Ayesha Curry also has a website called Little lights of Mine where she shares her faith, love of cooking and her own line of clothes.

I am so proud that this couple has chosen Christ above popularity and fame and I pray they will stay strong in their faith for years to come.

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