Review of Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love

About the book

Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love reveals fifteen qualities of love to infuse into your family. These characteristics are demonstrated through vignettes and the authors’ conversational style, bringing 1 Corinthians 13 love to life in your parenting and in your young person.

  • Realize the difference between kindness and enabling
  • Discover how to adjust your parenting approach
  • Increase family cohesiveness
  • Put respect back into your family
  • Replace rivalry with relationship
  • Deal with your anger (and your child’s)
  • Provide tools for your young person regarding temptation and more!

Authors Lori Wildenberg and Becky Danielson writes on parenting using 1 Corinthians 13.

Just because it worked in your home with mom or dad doesn’t necessarily mean it will work in your home. Watching communication in my house with my grandparents, I never saw them hug, kiss and whenever they fought they used the silent treatment but in my home I strive to foster open communication.

The first thing I noticed about Review of Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love is that this book is that she talks about blast from the past she mentioned that “our family history, current parenting styles and family makeup are all relevant and have an impact on the raising of each individual with whom we have been blessed”.

There were many great tips and examples to take another one is patience. She states that growing up in a home where patience reigns will more often than not produce patient people a child’s se;f which will blossom.

What I appreciate about my grandmother and her parenting style is that as I got older she let go. Sh realized that I had to make my own choices in life that i had to learn form my own mistakes.

After each chapter, she gives you a series of questions at the end as well as prayers to use.

There is no simple answer to parenting each of your children will be different so you can’t use the same technique on each child but what you can do is as Lori and Becky point out in raising big kids is love. Parenting is a changing thing think of your child like the weather you can’t wear shorts in winter and you can’t wear a coat in the summer parenting is the same way you adapt to the developmental stage that your child is in to be an effective parent.

Best Quotes from the book

  • A garden is like raising a child. Parents sometimes need to get a little dirty, scraped up and sweaty to reap good fruit in their children.
  • Without love there is no connection or relationship, no life
  • We need both love and truth while raising our children
  • Helping children navigate through life by cultivating an environment of unconditional love combined with limits will move a child from being irresponsible to accountable
  • Our legacy and most valuable gift we leave with your children is faith

I truly enjoyed reading this book it was not only informative but inspiring it lets parents know that with God’s help we can become not perfect parents but parents that love.

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