***I received free tickets to Universoul Circus in exchange for my honest opinion*****


As a child my Aunt would take me to the circus I remembered the clown, the smell of popcorn, the lions, tigers, zebras, elephants the lights the excitement the jumps, and spins. I looked forward to the circus every year and I wanted my children to have the same experience.

What better way to get my kids to enjoy the circus than by taking them to Universoul Circus #thebestcircusever.

As we entered the dark tent my daughters’ eyes lite up with excitement but my son Tovelle had to adjust to the dark and loud noises. I reasoned with him and brought him some lights and popcorn to appease him (this worked). The best part of the show for him was the motorcycles he was so thrilled to see how they were jumping off of the bikes. He also liked the Asian bike riders and wondered how did they do that.


During the intermission, there were pony rider and the opportunity to take pictures with the baby elephant.


The performances were done very well and each one grabbed the audience’s attention our favorite was the jumping on sticks, bicycle riders, elephants and big balloons that were thrown for the audience to play with. They closed the show by having the kids hug and thank the people who brought them here. We will be back next year!



Now its your turn to experience the fun they will be in the Bronx until April 10th that’s this Sunday! You can buy your tickets for Universoul Circus at www.ticketmaster.com