When you are planning to get a gift for your other half, it can be a little tricky. When you are with someone so often, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what they would want. There are always classic gifts that you could get them like candy and flowers. Chocolates can always be a great gift too, right? But the best gifts are the truly thoughtful gifts. Knowing that someone has thought about you and what you would like is the best part. Receiving a gift that you love is the bonus part. It might be a gift for their birthday or an anniversary. It might be a gift to say sorry or even to congratulate them on a new job. So whatever the occasion, here are some unique and thoughtful gifts for your other half.




You might not have a lot of money spare to splash out on expensive pieces all the time. For an anniversary or a special event, it could be worth investing, though. If you aren’t engaged yet, you could even think about getting them a special ring like the range from Verragio rings. If not, a pretty pair of earrings or a necklace would go down a treat. Jewelry is the best gift for more special occasions, so just bear that in mind, for him or her you could look at some watch pieces that will never go out of fashion and they’ll always remember you by, from the likes of Wittnauer watchmakers you can very rarely go wrong.



A Fine Dining Experience

For a lot of people, things like experiences are much better gifts than ‘stuff’. If you love to eat out, then think about treating them to an extra special dinner. Eating at a Michelin starred restaurant could be such a treat for foodie lovers. If you are quite skilled yourself, it might be worth cooking the food yourself at home. Just make the night extra special by lighting candles and both getting dressed up. You could make it super cute but just giving them a note to meet you at the restaurants address. Or it could be to be in the dining room at home at a certain date and time. Then they won’t know what to expect, and it will add to the whole experience.acrylic-paints-174638_960_720image


A Creation of Your Own

Are you quite a crafty or creative person? If you are, it makes such a wonderful gift when you create the gift yourself. If you are a bit of a handyman, could you fix up all the little things in the home that have been neglected? Do you have carpentry skills so you could you make them a cute rocking chair or wooden jewelry box? If you are more artistic, how about painting a picture for their home or a portrait of them? Something like that takes hours and hours so it will mean a lot to them. You will just need to plan it in advance, though!


Another gift idea could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. How about a ride in a hot air balloon or sign them up for skydiving? These things are quite often on people’s bucket lists, but they just don’t get round to organizing them themselves.