Like other areas of our lives, vacations can start to feel a little stale. It’s great to go to your favorite home-from-home. Everything is familiar, and you can check out your favorite spots. But sometimes a break away from the norm can be a good thing. It allows you to experience new people, places, and adventures. Expand your horizons this year and consider a different type of vacation.


Go On Tour

Everyone should experience a road trip at least once in their lives. There’s nothing like it. You plot your route, pack up the car, and you’re good to go. Though you can plan some activities along the way, sometimes it’s good to see where the road takes you.

If the thought of driving all those hours doesn’t appeal, consider chartering a bus. There are lots of routes up and down the country, like the scenic route from Atlanta to Louisville. Opt for a mini bus for just you and your family, or choose something bigger and invite some friends.


Go Camping

Camping is always fun, whether you stay in a tent or a caravan. There’s nothing better than sleeping under the canvas with only the stars above you. And food never tastes better than when it’s cooked over a camping stove after a long day walking.

Make sure you pack plenty of clothing in case of inclement weather. There’s nothing worse than sitting in damp clothes. Camping often relies on the area, so pick a location that offers lots of possibilities. Make the most of the outdoors by walking, cycling, and swimming. And add in the odd night out at a restaurant, just to break things up a little.


Stay Somewhere Unusual

Over the last few years, holidays in unexpected venues have become popular. It’s not just about the area anymore; it’s also about the building. Have you ever fancied feeling like royalty and staying in a castle or chateau? Or perhaps you would prefer a windmill or lighthouse? Treehouses high above the forest make great B&Bs.

If your tastes are little more conservative, arrange to stay in someone else’s home. Immerse yourself fully in the culture by staying in a residential area. Forget the big hotels and tourist traps. Make like a local and enjoy everything the area has to offer.


Stay At Home

If budget is an issue, then stay at home vacations can be lots of fun. Set up fun activities for the whole family. And make some space just for you and your partner.



Join Friends And Family

If you don’t get to spend much time with your extended family or friends, why not invite them on vacation? Rent a large house that will occupy everyone comfortably. Have fun catching up. Share the cooking and chores. The kids will have lots of fun playing with cousins and friends. When there’s a crowd of people you don’t need to plan lots of activities. Sometimes the best days are when everyone just sits, talks, and laughs.

There are countless ways to spend your vacation. Before you book the usual haunt, think about the vast array of options available. Take a break from the norm and enjoy the adventure.