Theme park trips are a fantastic way of having fun and spending time with your family. Whether it’s Disney World or a small amusement park, you really are spoilt for choice. All ages can share the experience of a fun filled day of enjoyable rides, shows, and events. While making wonderful memories to treasure. But if you are from a large family, you may think that it might be too chaotic to organize. But with some careful planning and patience, it doesn’t have to be such an overwhelming task. Use these tips to help you plan an adventure that your big family can look forward to.

Choose a date

Choosing which date to visit will be one of the biggest challenges you face. So it’s best to plan ahead. You will have to consider work and school schedules and well as other family commitments you might have. Theme-parks are often quieter mid-week, but this can often be harder to arrange if you work full time. Choose a date which you think might be suitable by contacting your family via email or through phone calls. It might take some time to negotiate but once you have a date, stick to it.

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Look for group ticket deals

Many theme parks will offer discounts and deals for large groups who buy their tickets online. So instead of buying your tickets at the gate, book them in advance and online. Firstly you need to find out exactly who is coming. Then, check the websites of potential theme parks you wish to visit to see what offers you can take advantage of. You may find that some tickets will all grant you access to other theme parks. For instance, Legoland has a park hopper ticket available. This includes admission to Legoland, Sea life, and the Legoland water park. You may also want to keep an eye out for coupons that offer two for one entry.

Organize transportation early

Whether you are traveling somewhere local or over state lines, you need to have transportation. So once you have decided on a date, make this your next priority. Transportation can get booked up quickly especially if you are visiting during peak seasons. Consider the locations of where your family members live and the distance away from the theme park you have chosen. Some of your relatives might live nearby whereas other may be further away. Chartered buses services such as GOGO Charters can offer comfortable travel for large groups to and from the park. You can find out more about GOGO Charters on LinkedIn. This could be a sensible solution that allows you all to travel together. Or you might prefer to hire an additional care to transport your family instead. Whichever you decide, always book in advance to avoid disappointment.


With these tips, you can plan and create a wonderful trip that your entire family will enjoy. You will have a lot of people to organize and things to arrange. But it will be all worthwhile when your plans come together, and you all have a stress free theme park trip to remember.