Do you often wonder about the future with your partner? When two people have been together for quite some time, the natural thing to do is get married. Marriage isn’t for everybody, but some people really look forward to the day they’ll tie the knot. You don’t just want to do it with anybody though. You need to make sure you’re ready for this commitment. Here are some signs that you and your partner could be ready:

You Can Communicate Properly

If you and your partner can’t communicate with one another properly, what’s the point? You need to be able to talk to each other like grown ups about the things that matter. A sad fact is that most couples don’t communicate properly. They either don’t say what they really mean, or don’t say anything at all. They both bottle everything up and end up having blazing rows about insignificant things, because they’re not getting to the root of issues earlier on. It’s normal to have disagreements in a relationship, but the key is to work through them as a team. It isn’t about point scoring or getting one over on the other. Relationships should not be a power struggle!


You Have Your Own Lives Away From Each Other

Living in each other’s pockets isn’t actually healthy. You should have your own lives away from one another and be happy with them. You should have your own friends, hobbies, and things like that so you can both lead rich and fulfilling lives with or without the other one.

You’ve Discussed The Future

Discussing the future will give you an idea of what you both want out of life and whether you are really compatible. It’s ideal that you both do this before you get serious. If you want kids but your partner doesn’t and nobody can compromise or budge, then it’s best to call it a day. Seeing similar futures for you both is essential. You don’t know for sure where you’ll end up, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have similar ideas. If you both have the same ideas, then maybe you should start looking at palladium rings soon.



You’re Friends

Being friends with your partner is important too. Looks will fade, and in the end it’ll be the friendship aspect of things that keep you together as a couple. Of course you both need to be lovers too, but being friends is such an important aspect of marriage. Why would you want to spend your life married to somebody who isn’t your best friend?

You’ve Been Together A While

It’s normal to think that you’re going to spend your whole life with your partner when you’ve only been together a year or so. This is where the chemicals are still there and everything seems hunky dory. Eventually those chemicals wear off and what you’re left with is your relationship. If you can still stand one another after this stage, then marriage could be a very good idea!