We’ve all been in the position of needing to make some cash in a hurry. When you’ve stripped away all of the options that are illegal, it can often feel like there aren’t many avenues to go down. And because getting a job can take a bit of time (and see you waiting a while to get paid), that’s not always an option. Not least if you’ve already got a job and need a bit extra. So many people use payday loans to make ends meet. Using these lenders to get quick cash can help you out a lot but there are some types of payday loans to avoid. If you do use a loan when you find yourself with financial strain, it’s important you understand what kind of loan you’re taking out and how soon they would like you to repay it. Here are some tips on how to make some quick cash;

Nonetheless, there are always ways to make a bit more money if you need it in a hurry. Whether it’s to raise cash for a purchase or to pay a bill, that little bit extra can make a big difference. Shopping with coupons and reducing your outgoing is a good place to start. Additionally, there are a few other ways you can make a bit extra.

  1. Mystery Shopping


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For some time now, businesses have been employing a system of “mystery shoppers”. The shoppers visit their locations and make specific purchases or avail of services. The shopper then files a report of their customer experience. The business can then pinpoint areas for improvement and those which are running perfectly. You can now sign up online to do this and, depending on how flexible you can be, can make some good money.

  1. Survey Sites

In the present day, businesses are loath to release any new product onto the market without first running it past the public. This increasingly takes the form of online surveys which allow people to offer their opinions. Some surveys have large payouts and some not so large, but it’s something you can do from the comfort of your own home and can be an interesting process.

  1. Selling Your Stuff


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Most human beings are hoarders to some extent, as anyone who has ever done any spring cleaning can attest. Many of us would have to admit that we have books, CDs and games around that we haven’t touched in years. There are now companies who will buy these from you for a bit of cash. See BuyBackExpress.com/books/for more details to find out what treasures may lie in the back of your storage units.

  1. Medical Trials

Most sitcoms have at one time or another had one character who signed up for medical trials. In sitcom world, they make some quick cash and end up with hilarious side effects. However, there’s truth behind the humor. Companies will pay for people to take part in their trials. These trials are strictly controlled and you’ll be fully screened up front to make sure it’s safe. Alternatively you may consider giving blood. Just be aware that you can’t donate more blood for more cash – you need that blood in order to live!

Be aware that some of these options aren’t sustainable over a long term. Certainly, you can’t keep selling things indefinitely or going through trial after trial. If, however, you need cash quickly, then these are some options that allow you to do so legitimately. On top of these, you could also consider looking into gambling on a manageable level. There are lots of different places that offer a mobile casino bonus to entice you in, but as soon as the fun stops when you’re gambling, you need to stop, otherwise, you could end up in a huge amount of debt. Consider all of the above, and hopefully, you’ll be able to make some quick cash!