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Review: LivRelief Cream

My back has been giving me problems since my car accident 9/11/15 ( what a date!). I tried everything from acupuncture (didn’t work), back massage roller (works) but need someone to massage my back, Tylenol, Advil (very temporary).

So when given the opportunity to review LivRelief cream I said why not.

The last time I went into the hospital I was prescribed medication but I am holistic so this came just in time. One night I started feeling some pain so I had my husband rub some cream on my back. I kid you not by the next day my back was not feeling any pain. I was extremely impressed by this cream.

About the product

The founder’s name is Dr. Joe Gabriele.

  • Its natural: More than 90 percent of LivRelief’s ingredients are natural, and that includes its active ingredient, capsaicin found in hot peppers and known for its antioxidant, anti-viral, antiallergenic, anti-carinogenic and anti-falammatory properties.
  • Its free. LivRelief is paragon free, petroleum-free and gluten-free and free of SLS and propylene glycol.
  • Its fast. LivRelief uses a proprietary and patent-pending delivery system called Delivra to drive-relief ingredients through layers of skin, tissue and muscle.

The story behind LivRelief

Dr. Gabriele wife suffered from intense pain after one her facial nerves was severed during surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. After using LivRelief she was back on her feet.

Do I recommend this cream? Yes, I recommend this cream for any kind of pain because I can’t tell you how much my back is in pain so if it helped me it could help your pain too!

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