divorce-156444_1280 Source From Pixabay If your family is on the edge of a divorce proceeding, you have probably been reading numerous articles online. They will be telling you about the negative impact it could have. You may have read that children who go through a divorce proceeding are more likely to suffer depression later in life. Studies even suggest that children who experience divorces are likely to have failed marriages. However, with the divorce rate surpassing fifty percent, we have to be realistic. There is every chance that something does go wrong, and your marriage does not work out as you had hoped. If this occurs, you need to make sure it does not negatively impact your child’s life. You may need help from someone similar to these Naggiar & Sarif Atlanta Divorce Attorneys to help you through your divorce and find a way to settle things without issue. Get A Great Lawyer The first thing that you must consider is who will represent you in your divorce proceeding. It is crucial that your lawyer understands your children are your top priority. They need to make sure that the child’s wellbeing and happiness always come first. Your lawyer should never use your child as a weapon in an argument. Or, try and force the child to pick your side. If you contact a firm such as Manassa, Stassen & Vaclavek, P.C., you will find that many divorce lawyers know these challenges. They understand that the child must come first. It’s important that you do lots of research to try and find the best lawyer for you and your needs. It’s best to find a lawyer in your local area too, so they don’t have to travel far to get to you and vice versa. For example, if you live in Texas, you’ll want to find some Divorce attorneys in Dallas Texas. Don’t Draw Battle Lines The reason why you should not ask children to choose sides is that there should be no side for them to use. Though it can be hard, if you want to reduce the effect of a divorce, you must make it as seamless as possible. You may want to live together for a short period after the divorce is finalized. It is understandable that each partner will want their space after the divorce proceeding. Particularly, if there was a betrayal involved. However, for children, it’s more important that they have their parents, close by, if and when they need them. If you can not continue to live together, make sure that they move close by. They should always be within easy reach, particularly when there are young children involved. If children feel hostility during a divorce proceeding, they will find themselves incredibly stressed. Avoid Discussing The Divorce In Front Of Children You should not discuss anything to do with the divorce in front of your children. Particularly if they are young. If kids are young, they will not fully understand what is going on. However, they will recognize their parents are arguing. Again, this could have a negative effect on them and how they feel. Avoid this where possible, instead remaining on polite terms with your former partner in front of the kids. You will need to discuss child support but this needs to be done when the children aren’t present. For help with this, you could use this mass child support calculator. Support Growth Of The Family Finally, once couples get divorced, they often form new partnerships. Either they are remarried, or they have long lasting relationships. It is important that you both embrace these new partnerships. Your children must feel that they are a normality and not a massive change in their life. It is easy to do this if everyone is civil and makes each new partner feel part of the growing family. This is they key to a healthy divorce. The marriage may end, but the family does not.