You may get a set of diapers before your baby arrives, but believe me, you will never have enough. Babies go through so many that you will end up having to make trips to the shop every day if you aren’t prepared before they arrive. As discussed in this article, you will end up using anything between 70-90 per week for the first few weeks of the baby’s life. Therefore, buy diapers in bulk and then not only will you be prepared but will also save some money in the long run. Remember to get hold of a lot of wipes as you will also go through these quickly.


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Baby clothes

Another essential you need for your newborn is some baby clothes which are bigger than 0-3 months. When you announce you are pregnant, you are bound to get a lot of clothes from friends and family members. However, they are likely to buy a small size, so if you have a large baby, they will end up only using them for a month or two. Therefore, you need to get some baby clothes in size 3-6 months so that you don’t have to go shopping for stuff when you are busy with the little one. You can check out clothes online that you can order; you can get a great baby clothing selection with pieces that are unique for your baby.




You need also to ensure you purchase a blanket for your baby. It will help to keep them cozy while they are resting on your lap. You can also put it around them when they are in their Moses basket or crib. Make sure you get a couple of blankets as they are likely to get sick or milk on them and you will have to put it in the washer.



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Another essential you need to buy for your newborn is a bib. It’s vital as you can put it on them while you are feeding your baby. It’s great for when you have been feeding them milk as it will catch any dribble. You should get a couple of bibs as they are likely to get messy and need washing. You can get so many cute ones in stores and online.



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Changing mat

You should also remember to purchase a changing mat, as this will come in useful when you are changing your baby while out on the move. It’s great as you can place it on the floor and can change your baby comfortably. You can also take it with you when you go on vacation. It means you can safely change your newborn without having to worry about finding somewhere to do it.



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Remember always to buy in bulk as having a baby can be very expensive!