Summer is right on our door step and with that comes the fear of summer vacation. While many mothers, if not all of us, embrace the opportunity to have some quality time with our children. It can be quite hard to keep everyone happy and occupied. How do children get bored so easily? So with that in mind, I thought I would think long and hard about some recreational activities that I think children would love to do in the Summer. I hope it helps you fill the time and provides you with some much needed inspiration.



Most children love to be around water. Splashing about in it, jumping in puddles during the winter. So wimmin is a fantastic recreational activity to consider for the children. There are few different ways you could encourage it. You could all head to your local swimming pool as a family and enjoy the time together. Or you could let your children attend pre-arranged swimming sessions. Or you may want to consider some private lessons. Companies like WaterWaves offer some fantastic options for you. Swimming is not only a lot of fun, but it’s fantastic exercise. This means you are encouraging your children to be active, without them being aware of it. A win win situation.

Running around the local park

There is nothing quite like making the most of your local surroundings. Which is why using the local park is a great recreational activity for the children. They have plenty of options they can do, but you could also add a few things to it. You may want to pack up a picnic one day and make the most of your afternoon there with nice weather. Running around and encouraging your kids to be outside is much better than them being cooped up in a bedroom glued to a computer game.




Horse riding

This might not be for everyone, but horse riding is a fabulous recreational activity for your children. They can enjoy learning a new skill and to be around animals. Many stables offer other options which means your children can learn to look after the animals as well as enjoy riding them. Some stables even offer camps which could be considered. If horse riding isn’t your thing why not look into other ways you can involve animals. Perhaps your children can take care of a neighbour’s dog for a week. Meaning they bath it, walk it and feed it. It teaches great skills and keeps them occupied.


Playing racquet sports

Why not consider trying a new sport. There are plenty of racquetball sports that your children might enjoy Things like tennis. It’s great exercise and could be another string to add to the bow in the form of sports achievements. In theory, it doesn’t have to be a racquet sport but considering introducing them to a new sport could develop a new hobby.
I hope this has provided you with a few ideas to keep your children occupied this Summer. Make sure you all have a lot of fun together.