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This children’s book asks little ones the question would a worm go an a walk, would a ladybug wear lipstick? N0! that not what she enjoys cause lipstick is for ladies, and some ladybugs are boys. This book teaches our little ones that God made everything for and with a purpose that you was specifically created with a purpose to do certain things in mind.

Me and my kids truly enjoyed the message behind this book my five year old ready while my three year old listened with excitement as she tried to interpret the pictures.

I recommend this book to any family of faith to teach their children that you have a purpose.

About the book

Would a worm go on a walk? Would a piglet play piano? Would a lion be a lifeguard? Well, no, because that’s not how God made them. Each zany question and answer shows us how God fave the animals and each of us, too- unique qualities and special strengths. Children will giggle over the ridiculous scenarios presented, and they will come away with the knowledge that we are each special, and we’re loved by a wise Creator.

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