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Lessons From My Aunt On Growing Older With Style

My aunt was getting ready for her 30th-anniversary party. I was sat on the bed behind her dressing table, watching her go through the familiar ritual. At one point, she held her fingers up to the corners of her eyes and tightened the skin a little. She sighed. “We’re not blessed with good skin, honey,” she smiled at me in the mirror. “I wish I’d spent a bit less time in the sun.”


It was such a telling moment. My aunt is a glamorous, beautiful woman, but there’s no doubt she looks her age. It jolted me into thinking about preservation. I don’t know if there is a family thing at play – her suspicion is that there is – but I did know I was not going to sit back and take it. I declared in the aftermath that I was going to try and fight aging as best I could- here’s how I got on.


Fighting The Sun




Credit: Pixabay


She was correct with the diagnosis of some of the problem; sun exposure. It was one of the first things that I tightened up. Now, if I go outside for more than twenty-five minutes, I make sure I am wearing a hat.


Has It Made A Difference? Yes. I can already see a reduction in fine lines, and my skin pigmentation is better. It’s also safer, too.


Anti-Aging Creams





My aunt has a vast amount of lotions, but she is still unhappy with the texture and feel of her skin. That made me dismissive of what might work regarding cosmetics, so I sought out more natural alternatives. I tried the oil cleansing method but found it made me break out in zits, a problem I had not had since I was a teenager! After a time, my skin got used to it and it’s my go-to now. I also added in witch hazel, a noted astringent.


Has It Made A Difference? I don’t have any deep lines or grooves at this point in my life, but I would say my skin looks healthier and feels softer to the touch. Time will tell for the rest!


Exercise That Focuses on Suppleness


I know that this is one of the first things to go. My aunt struggles to bend over comfortably anymore, so I looked into a variety of ways to help keep my core strength and suppleness. I tried the usual suspects of yoga but found the best results with cenegenics. Not only did I feel better in body, but they also have some great ideas on skincare and other aspects of aging.


Has It Made A Difference? Yes, and I would say it’s made a difference to me right now as a younger woman too. One bizarre upside is that I also feel more comfortable in high heels! I am not sure why, but it’s a definite upside not to have that calf ache.


There is obviously more to come on this journey. The conclusions I would draw so far are to keep things simple. You don’t need a million and one lotions or to be able to contort yourself into all sorts of yoga poses. Experiment until you find something that works for you.

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