Review of Spoolies Curl RollersUnknown

Want a fun new way to roller set your hair? Recently, I got the opportunity to review Spoolies Hair Curlers in exchange for my honest opinion.

What are Spoolies? The first time I heard of Spoolies was by Pure Estrogen, she has a YouTube channel showing the different curl patterns you can achieve so I said why not give it a try.

Spoolies will help create soft waves, natural ringlets and pin curls. They are heat resistant, easy to use, no clips required, no split ends and fun to wear.

Spoolies come in 3 different colors pink, black and glow in the dark. With my 4c hair I can achieve curls two ways.

  1. Use the roller curl your hair from the bottom up for a soft casual curl
  2. For tighter curl wind strand of hair around spool from the top of your head


What I love about Spoolies is how versatile they are. I will be using them on my daughter’s hair as well.

When it comes to styling your hair you can use the pineapple method to keep your hair intact