Young children change so much between each of their birthdays. You would think that buying a small child a gift would be easy. After all, there are thousands of different toys out there. But more and more of us are keen to pick toys that offer a lot of educational value. This doesn’t mean they can’t be fun as well. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a tiny tot, then it might be worth looking a new direction for something you haven’t thought of yet.

When it comes to reading, lots of parents feel that the schools will be best placed to take on the challenge of teaching their kids. However, it’s never too early to start. Even if you’re a reluctant reader yourself, you can both enjoy reading together. Pick books aimed at preschoolers. They will have lots of great pictures to enjoy as well as simple words your child will love to learn.


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Of course, you’re not restricted to what you can find in the bookstore anymore. A great gift for a child could be an eReader. You can find out more about the benefits of digital literature for little ones online at places like An eReader can often be used for educational apps as well as a lifetime supply of literature. Many can display all the illustrations of their counterparts. You may find related games and interactive elements to each book too.

As well as books and eReaders, children love making noise. Pressing buttons is a baby’s favorite pastime. If the button makes something happen, that’s even better. A child’s keyboard usually has many different sounds like pianos, clarinets, drums and sound effects. You can find some at websites like Some will even light up as the key is pressed. You may even be able to teach your tiny tot simple melodies like ‘Three Blind Mice’. Pick a keyboard that has plenty to offer. Not all children care for sounds in a musical structure when they’re very small!


Stickers cost almost nothing, but can provide hours of fun for a tiny tot. Some of the best ones include different basic shapes and colors. The child can then stick the sticker in the appropriate place in the accompanying book. It helps them to develop their fine motor skills. They can also learn more about shapes and colors. Perhaps they can work toward recognizing numbers and letters too? Animals and faces are fun ones to try as well.

A ball and some skittles may sound like a basic toy, but it can make a wonderful present. The child will use gross and fine motor skills to knock down and stand up the skittles. Each skittle may be in a different color, so they can work toward knocking down just that one. The ball can be rolled, kicked or thrown. Perhaps they can make it bounce too? Best of all, the skittles can be stood up to form a shape. Count them, or maybe even decorate them with stickers or paints? Buying a gift for a child can be educational as well as lots of fun.