Could it be that it’s time to get rid of that weave you’ve rocked all summer? This will give your hair a healthy dose of deep conditioning, detangling and breathing space. Tonnes of celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon of shorter hair. Not only is shorter hair more liberating and fresh, but it’s also easier to style and looks completely on trend right now. Could the end of 2016 be the year we go for the chop?


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Rihanna, Halle Berry and Solange Knowles are all advocates of some seriously awesome short hair styles. While Rihanna changes hers up quite often, Halle Berry has been rocking a crop for quite some time. Her pixie cut has an air of 1950’s Audrey Hepburn Hollywood glam about it, but she also punks it up on the red carpet too. Berry wears the look relaxed, curly and spiky, showing just how versatile her natural hair can be. It certainly makes her stand out in the sea of celebrity hair extensions. She has recently been seen with longer hair, but is still wearing it all-natural and on the shoulder. Even Victoria Beckham has recently gone for the bob and got rid of those extra long extensions.


While a weave can give you enviable long, thick locks, natural seems to be the way forward in 2016. Cost, quality, hair loss and pain are all reasons to ditch the weave and go for the crop. Not only that, but a shorter hairstyle will show off your features, your décolletage and collar bone too. Perhaps you want to opt for a pixie crop like Jennifer Hudson? Or maybe you’re thinking of short natural curls like Solange? Whatever style you want, look to celebrities for inspiration for myriad cool shorter hair styles. The great thing about wearing you hair short is that a colour change is also easier on the condition. So if you fancy going platinum a la Amber Rose or red like Rihanna, it’s much more simple to achieve.


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If you don’t feel brave enough for the pixie cut, why not go for a bob? Kerry Washington is the owner of one of the best bobs in Hollywood. Her all natural hair is wavy and texturised, and she works with that on all her red carpet styles. Her stylist Takisha Sturdicant-Drew tells us she prefers to keep her locks natural, as it’s much healthier and easier to style. She is often seen with bangs, curls and straight styles that are always on point.


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If you aren’t blessed with Kerry Washington’s perfect natural waves, why not make like Solange Knowles and go all out with a chic natural afro? She has talked in the past how difficult it is to maintain her natural hair. But she has also said she loves it when it’s in a twist out and has been slept on and then revitalised with the steam from a shower. A natural ‘Fro takes a lot of patience, but the results are incredible. So if you’re ready to try something new why not take the plunge?


Just remember that if you go for the all natural chop that you will have to pro-actively look after your hair. Do a deep conditioning treatment twice a week, experiment with different styles and use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair when wet. Don’t brush it when it’s dry!


Ready to go for the chop? Why not share you shorter hairstyles with us right here?